How do I use these?

Custom icons can be applied using the “Shortcuts” app in iOS 14

1. Now that you have new icons you’d like to use, open the Shortcuts app (free from Apple if you don’t already have it)

Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner — Tap Add Action — Search for Open App, and tap it — and then tap Choose highlighted in blue

2. Now choose the app you’re creating a custom icon for

After picking the app, tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner — tap Shortcut Name at the top and enter one — now tap Add to Home Screen

3. Tap Shortcut Name again and enter what you’d like (could be the same as the original app or your own custom name

Now tap the icon to the left of the name you just entered — now tap Choose Photo (or Choose File if you downloaded an icon to your iPhone)

4. Now find and tap the icon or photo you’d like to use

You can adjust it in the frame to make sure it’s centered or zoom in by pinching and dragging — tap Add in the top right corner — now tap Done

5. Now head to your home screen or last app page to see the new app shortcut with your custom icon

Press and hold the app to enter jiggle mode to move it wherever you’d like

6. Head back to the Shortcuts app, and tap Done two times to get back to the main screen

Repeat the process for all the apps you’d like — you can also tap the three-dot icon on any you’ve already done to change the icon or name